What if Fundraisers Could Balance the Federal Budget?

Everyone’s talking about big government and taxes. Do we increase taxes? Do we cut the military? Do we cut the safety net for the poor?

A fundraiser’s answer to the budget crisis would be restricted giving.

Nonprofits tackle these tough budget issues every day. But nonprofits must keep their stakeholders happy. If you want your gift to pay for computers. No problem. If you want to pay for a scholarship program. No problem. If you want something named in memory of your daughter. No problem.

Why can’t the federal government do the same?

Why can’t the federal government accept restricted gifts?

I think folks forget why we pay taxes. If fundraisers let donors lose sight of why they give, our charities would surely suffer. What if we could choose to support what matters the most to each of us?

I know my husband would want all of his tax contributions to support first responders. Put his name on the side of a shiny new fire truck and he’ll put you in the will.

I have a friend who would single-handedly support our treasured national parks given the opportunity.

Another who would make sure our defense remains strong.

And I’m certain my mother would have wanted her taxes to support medical research.

The sequester reminds us of what exactly our taxes buy. The sequester means:

30,000 teachers and school staff could lose their jobs
800,000 defense employees could be forced to take unpaid leave
Small businesses would lose $540 million in financing
4 million homebound seniors wouldn’t receive meals
A fundraiser would make sure we raised enough money to support those programs.

What if donors ~ oops I mean taxpayers ~ could choose how they want their taxes to be spent instead of incessant battling over the budget.

Just a thought on how each of us could use our power for good.